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Tina Memic

      And why she is tenderly called "The Date Queen" 


Tina Memic, Managing Director of The Brand Consult LLC and former COO of Bateel International has more than 14 years experience in the date industry. To this day she is the only female date expert in the UAE.  Her great passion for dates and the Middle East is why she decided to launch this information website about the forgotten fruit: the nobel date!

“Dates have been and always will be the symbol of our nation, an emblem of hospitality. They represent the UAE’s heritage and culture. We need to share these values with the world!”
- Tina Memic -

purpose driven boutique consultancy

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The Brand Consult is a boutique consultancy located in the heart of Dubai, focussing on the luxury retail and F&B industry. The Brand Consult is passionate about supporting companies with their Operations, Marketing, Branding and Product Development.


"We strive to trigger change and leave a long lasting impact.
Your success. Our responsibility."

- TBC -


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